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New font! Delirium

Hi everyone! (and welcome to all the new subscribers ♥)

I got my font of the month in! *phew* It's a textured brush font and I absolutely loved making it. I went through nearly 4 brush pens, but I am quite happy with the results.

After I finished Delirium, I decided to turn it into a font duo, and added an all caps second font to go along with it. This second font has two different sets of caps, which you can alternate in order to increase the handwritten feel of your text. In addition, I have added dozens of little squiggles, swashes, doodles, scratches... Well you get it. Things to decorate your texts, or add a little grunge (which I love) to your designs.

Honestly, this font duo is so easy to use, and is perfect for anything, from logos to quotes, cards, social media posts, websites, magazines, packaging, etc. So go check it out with a free sample of the main font, now available at DaFont! You can also purchase the font at Creative Market (affiliate link) or Revolge.

Thanks for reading,

Ana ♥

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