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How to Make a Seasonal Postcard Using Leaves and Twigs Collection

Hello everyone,

Just in time for the holidays, I would like to introduce you to my Leaves and Twigs font trio and illustrations collection. And show you how you can use it to create your own seasonal greeting cards with a short and easy to follow video tutorial, that you can follow along with a sample freebie. Plus, stay tuned for a coupon code at the end of this post!

Leaves and Twigs is a handwritten font trio and floral illustrations collection with lots of bonus goodies, that is perfect for logotype design, branding and packaging, and social media posts. In line with the season, Leaves and Twigs is a also perfect for homemade holiday designs (such as postcards, prints, present tags).

Included in this collection:

  • a tall, all-caps sans serif font - with a slant alternative

  • a small, spaced sans serif font - with a jumpy alternative

  • a spaced script font - with a slant alternative

  • a floral illustrations dingbat font - with a blackout alternative

All written with the same pen, at the same size, so that the line width is consistent throughout the collection, for easy pairing (floral illustrations are sized down by 4x).

Plus bonus:

  • over 160 Photoshop stamp brushes (in .ABR and .PNG files)

  • 5 high resolution paper scans (perfect background for your designs!)

  • 24 hand-painted color blobs (.PNG on transparent background)

Use Leaves and Twigs to create a minimalist seasonal postcard (and Instagram post)

Design Cuts were kind enough to host this freebie and tutorial combo, so be sure to download the freebie from their website before you start watching the tutorial, if you'd like to follow along. The freebie includes a script font and a floral font, a color blob, a line circle, and a paper texture. If you enjoy this freebie and would like to create more designs with this set, be sure to grab the full collection. Use the coupon code LAT30 to get 30% off before December 30th!

Thanks for reading & happy holidays!



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