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New! Office Typewriter SVG font

Hello everyone!

I come to you with yet another typewriter font (you can read about my obsession with typewriters here), but this one is special! Not only is it sampled from a real typewriter, but I decided to make it in SVG format (in which each glyph is an image, instead of a vector) to capture all the texture. That, together with the fact that I included 3 versions of each glyph, programmed using contextual alternates, makes Office Typewriter an extremely realistic and fun font to use, in both modern and vintage designs.

Office Typewriter is also legible at a wide range of sizes (although it starts becoming blurry at larger font sizes), and looks great in both long or short texts, in digital collages, branding and packaging, social media posts, logotypes, etc. You can check out some examples below:

The Office Typewriter SVG font family includes:

  • Office Typewriter font, in Regular and Bold weights

  • Office Typewriter Underline, in Regular and Bold

  • Office Typewriter Misprints, with assorted misprints, doodles, circles and underlines

Software requirements for the SVG font: Photoshop CC2017+ // Illustrator CC2018+

No SVG support? No problem! Check out these other typewriter fonts instead:

The paper scans featured in the previews are included with the One More Typewriter font.

Reminder: GET1FREE coupon code

As always, you can get Office Typewriter at an intro discount while it is still the latest font in my shop! Or you can pick it up along with another font when you use the GET1FREE coupon code at checkout. The code will work on all the fonts, so if Office Typewriter is not the right font for your project at the moment, here are some suggestions for cool font pairings.

Hope you have a great week ahead,



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