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How to create an eye-catching Instagram post using free textures and font

Hi everyone!

Hope your new year is off to a good start. To help you out, I have a couple of freebies to share with you:

  • Get your free Ana's Rusty Typewriter here!

  • Get your free brush and texture sample here!

Let's get started with an easy Photoshop tutorial on how to use these freebies to create an eye-catching Instagram post. Ready? Let's go!

1. Start with a blank canvas in the size of your choice. Here I use 1080x1080 px for Instagram.

2. Open the grey strokes image and resize according to your preference. Drag the image to the blank canvas and position it to your taste.

3. Then I chose this photo from Unsplash, found here. I resized it and cropped it to 800x800 px and dragged it to center of the design. Later, I ended up resizing the image to make it smaller and show more of the strokes background.

4. I then desaturized the image to make it black and white. An easy way to do this is to go to Image > Adjustments > Black & White.

5. If you would like to add some golden splatters, like I do, just open the splatters file and drag it over the image. Position it to your liking.

6. Then open the golden texture and define it as pattern: Edit > Define Pattern > OK.

7. In your Layers window, right-click on the splatters layer and go to Blending Options.

8. In the Blending Options go to the Pattern Overlay tab and select the golden texture we defined in step 6. Make sure you set it to Blend Mode: Normal, Opacity: 100%, and Scale: 100%. Click OK.

9. At this point you can add little details to your taste. I decided to add a little bit of texture to the background, by opening and dragging the watercolor paper texture.

10. I set it to Multiply and drag it to be on top of the first layer only. This is what it looks like at this point.

11. Finally, I added some text in my Ana's Rusty Typewriter font. I chose the color for the font by picking a color from the background, to tie everything together. And voilà!

Don't forget to go grab your freebies and if you use them, let me know by sharing them with me on Instagram at anasfonts!

If you would like to purchase these items for commercial use, you can find them here:

Have a great rest of week!


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