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Public Type Works: Porchlight

Hi everyone!

Today, I would like to tell you about Public Type Works. Public Type Works is a platform that enables the creation of new open source fonts. The way that it works is: designers present you a draft of a font for funding, at a minimum $3 pledge. If the funding goal is reached (by the deadline: 31st of December!), the pledge will become a contribution, and the designer will release the font, for free use.

I am proposing Porchlight, a soft serif font with rounded corners that is elegant and versatile. You can use it in both short texts (such as logos and titles) and longer texts. It pairs nicely with sans serif and handwritten fonts, in logotypes, websites, and printed materials. Upon completion, it will have 3 weights, plus their italics, matching ornaments, and small caps.

Check it out in more detail below!

If you would like to help bring Porchlight to life, you can pledge your contribution here! And why not check out the other font proposals?

Hope you have a great week!


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