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New font! Siren Song

Hi everyone,

Meet my latest font, Siren Song, a textured marker font with rough edges and dozens of ligatures that give it a true handwritten feel. OK, story time! I drew this font using a black highlighter pen (yes, like the yellow ones, but in black). I only bought one to test it out, and it starts running out of ink midway through the font (good job, Ana!). So I go back to the shop to get a new pen and (surprise!) they are out of black highlighters (maybe because they don't really highlight?). So I have to choose between stopping with the font altogether or continuing with the marker that's running out. Which is what I do, and that's how the "textured" part of the font happened! I think it gives it quite a unique feel. What do you think?

Siren Song includes both regular and slanted versions of the font, with bonus swashes and watercolor textures that complement it nicely to achieve eye-catching designs. This handwritten font includes:

  • A-Z, a-z, 0-9, accents, punctuation and symbols

  • Tons of ligatures, for a more natural handwritten feel

  • Contextual Alternates (for b, f, k and s)

  • An extra set of 26 swashes (a-z) and 10 symbols (0-9)

  • 6 seamless watercolor patterns (.png, in various sizes) and 8 watercolors (.png with transparent background, in various sizes)

  • A bonus slanted version, for a more dramatic look

Siren Song is perfect to make a statement and will look great in quotes, logos, titles, postcards, tags. Check out some examples of uses below!

You can purchase Siren Song at Creative Market or The Hungry JPEG. Also stay tuned for a tutorial on how to use the watercolor textures coming soon.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great week!


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