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Mini Bundle + Freebie

Hi everyone!

A while ago I was looking for some inspiration for new fonts, so I bought three new markers/ pens (one of which ended up being a permanent marker I had to use on glossy magazine advertisements with white backgrounds, because if I bought it I will use it!). They became my fonts Reckless, Landslide and Something Exquisite. I have decided to include these three fonts in a mini bundle at a very special price (60% off!), just in time for the holidays!

This mini font collection includes three cute handwritten typefaces, each with:

  • A-Z, a-z, 0-9, accents punctuation and symbols

  • Ligatures

  • Extra sets of dingbats (swashes, splatters, ornaments, etc.)


  • A sans serif small caps font that pairs perfectly with the handwritten fonts

  • An extra set of 5 seamless textures

  • A set of 5 templates

These fonts are perfect for any design that needs a handwritten feel, such as postcards and notes, as well as for creating logotypes, social media posts, branding and packaging. Get them here or here!

So, freebie time! Here is a set of four holiday tags designed using the bundle fonts. You can get an idea of the designs below.

  • The tags are PNGs with transparent backgrounds, in different sizes, ready to use.

  • You can download them here!

Hope you enjoy using them!


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