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New font! Mystery Typewriter (& fundraiser)

Hi everyone,

Here is my new font, Mystery Typewriter, a realistic typewriter font with bonus misprints and seamless textures.

This typewriter font was made using a real typewriter, and is perfect for:

  • Adding an authentic feel to your retro and vintage designs. It will look great in logotypes and branding, packaging, editorial and website design in both titles and text, social media posts, posters and billboards, handmade postcards and tags.

  • Writing your own mystery stories, while pretending you are Jessica Fletcher sitting down at her typewriter.*

  • Solving real-life mysteries.*

*Not guaranteed to work

You can purchase it at Creative Market (affiliate link). For the month of September, Mystery Typewriter will be available at a special $10 price, and $2 out of each purchase will be donated to The Humane Society's Disaster Relief Fund. You can check out their work for animals at these links:



Stay tuned for a post on the donation at the end of the month. Hopefully it will go well and we'll be able to make a contribution. I have to admit that I am a little nervous about it, as it is the first time I start a sort of fundraiser by myself. There are so many questions that swarm my mind: What if no one buys this particular font? Will the end of the month be too late to make a donation? Well, you get the idea. So, last Friday I just decided to take the plunge, release the font and my pledge and share it all over the place, so I have no choice to back down! Animals need us and this is too important to let anxiety get in the way. We'll see how it goes (and how many panic attacks I have in the meantime ;)).

Thanks for reading & please share if you can,

Ana ♥

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