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Tutorial #2: How to use textures in Photoshop

Hey guys!

This is a little different, because it doesn't involve just fonts. It also involves textures you can get in my Font & Texture Pack. For this tutorial, I used one you can download for free at my deviantart.

We start by opening a photo and placing the texture over it (you might want to resize it before). You can then change the layer style from normal to multiply, for instance. You can also invert the colors (Image >> Adjustments >> Invert, or Ctrl+I) and set it to something like screen. Make sure you try out different options to get the one that looks best with your photo.

We can also apply a texture to a font. It's a great way to give it some extra dimension. Here, we're using Ana's Rusty Typewriter. The roughness of the font will match well with the grunginess of the texture.

An easy way to add a distressed look to a font is to invert the texture and set it to screen (over a white background). If you want a dirtier look to your font, just set your texture to multiply. In this case, the texture is a bit too big for the text, so I chose to erase the edges, using the eraser tool.

These are just a few examples of what you can do with the textures in Photoshop. In my texture bundle, I also include the matching vector files (.eps and .ai formats), so there are many more possibilities... Stay tuned for a possible part 2 to this tutorial! ;)

Thank you for reading,


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