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Font Pairings

Hi everyone!

Here are a few font pairings that I think look great. I'm using my own fonts, but you can easily replace them with others of the same style. Some pairs are more traditional, some are more unusual. Check them out below (click for full size and description):

In addition, there are the never go wrong pairings:

  • Font families: the fonts in a font family are designed to go well together, so you can trust that they'll pair well. With the added bonus that usually you'll be getting several possible pairs! I think this is great for something like a CV or a cover letter.

  • Hand-lettered display font with a formal text font: one of my favorite combinations. Hard to get wrong, in my opinion, and great for just about any use.

Finally, here is a cheat sheet with the font pairings above, for easy reference. Why not give them a try?

What do you think of these pairs? If you like these fonts, you can get free samples here or here. To get a sample of my latest font, Blue Fires, please subscribe to this blog.

Plus, you can purchase any of my fonts here, here (affiliate link) or here.

Thank you for reading,


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