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Tutorial #1: How to access OT features in Word

Hi guys!

As I am about to release a new font that relies heavily on the OpenType feature "Contextual Alternates", I thought I would make a tiny tutorial on how to access it when you're using MS Word (*shhh* I still use it a lot).

So, on top we have my new font, Wild Creatures with the default MS Word settings. To activate the Ligatures, Kerning and Contextual Alternates, we go to the Font settings, in the "Advanced" bar. Then we can:

  1. Tick the kerning box, to activate kerning (set the font size to a low number);

  2. In the "Ligatures" box, select "all";

  3. Tick the "Use Contextual Alternates" box, to activate contextual alternates.

And you're done! Now you can make the most of Wild Creatures (and a bunch of other fonts with OT features).

If you're not sure if the software you want to use supports OT features, you can check out this neat table at the bottom of this page.

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