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New! Handy Typewriter

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone reading this is OK. When I opened my shop two years ago, at the (first) peak of the pandemic here in Europe, I thought it was the absolute worst time to do so, and how can anyone even think about fonts while living through the plague. And I get the same feeling now about releasing a new font after what has been happening the last two weeks. But it is my job, and also my (admittedly inadequate) coping mechanism. And this one was a particular joy to make and test use, as it merges two of my absolute favorite font styles: handwritten and typewriter fonts.

So, here's Handy Typewriter, a handwritten typewriter font in 4 handmade weights, with lots of extras.

Handy Typewriter has a more casual look than classic typewriter fonts, but can still be used in any designs that need a vintage touch. This font is very legible at a wide range of sizes and looks great in both long or short texts, in digital collages, branding and packaging, social media posts, logotypes, etc.

Included in this product:

  • Handy Typewriter font in 4 weights: Thin, Regular, Bold and Black, hand drawn from scratch

  • Handy Typewriter Extras is a set of 62 hand drawn doodles, to decorate your text

  • 12 high resolution paper scans in different sizes (min.: 2185 px width)

Hope you stay well and have a good week,



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