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New Font, Magic Crayon & Demo

Hi everyone! 👋

Please say hello to my new font, Magic Crayon, a color SVG font made using a magic pencil.

Magic Crayon font

The SVG format allows for the texture of the pencil and color to be captured in a more authentic way. The Magic Crayon font includes an extra doodles font, a jumpy alternative, and 3 variations for each letter and number, accessible through contextual alternates, for extra realism and fun.

Magic Crayon looks good at small sizes and will also look great in all caps texts. Use it in designs such as postcards and notes, posters, logotypes, social media posts, branding and packaging.

This font includes:

  • Magic Crayon SVG

  • Magic Crayon SVG Jumpy

  • Magic Crayon SVG Extras with 52 doodles elements

  • A PDF guide to using the font: blending modes, color overlay, contextual alternates and stylistic alternates

  • A PSD template to help you getting started using the font

PLEASE NOTE! Software requirements for using an SVG font: Photoshop CC2017+ // Illustrator CC2018+

Get Magic Crayon font at an intro discount at my shop!


Demos! How to use Magic Crayon font

Magic Crayon font demo

Magic Crayon looks great in a range of blending modes! Here are a few suggestions:

  • Set blending mode to "Darken":

Magic Crayon font demo
Magic Crayon font demo
  • Set blending mode to "Multiply". You can also "Duplicate" this layer to get a darker type:

Magic Crayon font demo
Magic Crayon font demo
  • Finally, if rainbow colors are not your style, you can set a color overlay in the "Blending options". Here I used black, but you can make the text any one color.

Magic Crayon font demo

Magic Crayon font demo

Magic Crayon includes 3 versions of each letter and number. In order to access them, make sure you enable the contextual alternates feature, highlighted below.

Magic Crayon font demo


Magic Crayon font demo

I also included a stylistic alternative for the "I", which you can activate by clicking on the icon highlighted below.

Magic Crayon font demo

Hope this inspires you to give this quirky color font a try. If you are looking for other SVG fonts, why not check out the SVG Fonts Category on my shop!

Hope you have a great rest of week and your month of November is off to a great start!



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