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Font pairing + coupon code!

Hi everyone! Hope you are doing all well.

If you love fonts as much as me, you probably have dozens (hundreds?) of fonts and often wonder how to pair them, how to mix and match them. Personally, I love pairing contrasting fonts: serifs with sans serifs, handwritten fonts and formal serifs and sans serifs, display fonts with more basic fonts, etc. Another easy way to get a nice pairing is to get a font pair or trio, in which the fonts are made to got nicely with each other.

So I have put together a handy cheat sheet with 12 nice font pairs to get you inspired.

And to get you started pairing fonts, there is a new discount code for the Font Shop: buy 1 font, get 1 free with the code: FONTPAIRS. Valid until the 31st of May!

Hope you have fun pairing some fonts!


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