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New font! Me and my dog

Hi everyone!

Say hello to my new font, Me and my dog (named after this song I am currently obsessed with), a cute handwritten script font with ornaments and swashes, perfect for any design that needs an adorable handmade feel.

This set includes:

  • 1 script font in two styles: regular and slant, with ligatues for a smooth handwritten font.

  • 1 ornaments font, with 72 cute handmade drawings (fruits, animals, sweets, plants, etc) in two styles: regular and blackout, for easy layering.

  • 1 swashes font, with lots of swirls and underlines.

  • 2 PDF guides for easy access to the ornaments and swashes.

This set is so much fun to play with, and you can use this font family for signatures and logos, notes and quotes, social media posts, and branding and packaging.

Get it at Creative Market and The Hungry JPEG and enjoy!

Talk soon! (probably with a freebie alert 😉)


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