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New font! Blue Fires

Hi everyone!

Here's a new font! It's called Blue Fires, after this amazing song, and it's a casual brush font.

I had initially wanted to make a more textured font, with a dry brush feel, but I had brand new brush pens and when I started writing, I noticed how different from my other two brush fonts (1, 2) it looked. Even with the same type of brush pen, this text had much less contrast, and I just needed to capture it in a new font.

So, here it is! A quick and easy handwritten font, with oodles of ligatures and bonus swashes, circles, arrows and ornaments to decorate you texts.

Blue Fires can be used for quotes, logos, packaging, and merchandise. It is a versatile font that looks great in both short bursts and longer texts, in lower case and all caps. Check it out below!

You can purchase Blue Fires here, or here (affiliate link), or here.

Psst... Also if you subscribe to this blog, you will receive a free sample of Blue Fires for private use.

And stay tuned for a post on font pairing! I will try to come up with some unusual ones...

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