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New year, new font, new coupon code!

Happy New Year, everyone - hope it's off to a good start!

I did manage to release one last font in 2021 just under the wire. Linoblox is another experimental linocut font that I handcarved using my Bloxhall art deco font as a base.

Linoblox includes:

  • Linoblox font in three variations: regular, jumpy and underlined

  • An ornaments font, with doodles, swashes, smudges and frames (Please note: this is the same set of ornaments as the Notes From Home serif font)

  • 15 lino textures in PNG and ABR files (min: 200 px wide, max: 1500 px wide)

This collection has a quirky handmade look, but can also be used in retro and vintage designs, such as collages. The fonts have a realistic ink stamp texture that will look great in logos, notes and quotes, social media posts, and branding and packaging.

New January Coupon Code

To make it easier to get through January (I feel like we all might need a little pick-me-up 💙), and in case you were on the fence about getting any of my fonts, I've created a half-off coupon code! For the rest of the month, you can add the code JAN50 to your checkout to get 50% off your entire order.

Hope you have a great rest of week,



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