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New serif font & best holiday fonts

Hi everyone,

It has been a while! What has everyone been up to? I have been really excited about learning lino printing, and thought why not use this technique to create a font? Starting with my Porchlight font as a base for the serif, and the Morning Magpie drawings for the the ornaments font (and after a couple of accidentally cut fingers), I created Notes From Home.

Notes From Home is a serif and ornaments font family made using hand-carved linoleum. This collection has a quirky handmade look, but can also be used in retro and vintage designs, such as collages. The fonts have a realistic ink stamp texture that will look great in logos, notes and quotes, social media posts, and branding and packaging.

Notes From Home includes:

  • Notes From Home serif font in three variations: regular, dirty and faded

  • An ornaments font, with doodles, swashes, smudges and frames

  • 6 high resolution paper textures in various sizes (min: 2400 px wide)

  • 20 high resolution lino textures in PNG and ABR files (min: 2100 px wide)

Notes From Home pairs well with:

Holiday-ready fonts

With the upcoming holiday season, I thought I would put together a list of my best holiday-ready fonts. From handwritten to blackletter, here is some holiday font inspiration.

And here's a handy cheat-sheet 😉

Hope you all have a great week ahead,



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