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New Font, Blackbird & How To Use SVG Fonts?

Hello, everyone 👋

I would like to introduce you to my new font, Blackbird, a script SVG font made from letters hand-drawn in crayon, for a deliciously textured look. I was inspired by quirky, cute pencil illustrations and realistic SVG fonts, like this one.

Blackbird includes:

  • A script font with ligatures and alternates, and

  • An extras font, with swashes, underlines, arrows, small illustrations and scratches, etc. in:

  • SVG format (the script font was divided into basic character set and a separate accents font file, for a manageable size)

  • OTF and TTF formats with the textured look preserved.

Use Blackbird in designs such as postcards and notes, posters, logotypes, social media posts, branding and packaging, cover designs.

What is an SVG font and how can I use it?

SVG fonts are a format of OpenType fonts that allows the characters to be displayed in multiple colors and transparencies, instead of only outlines. As a consequence, SVG fonts can be very realistic, but also fairly large in size (in the order of megabytes, instead of kilobytes like other fonts). There are also software requirements for using SVG fonts. At the moment they can be used in versions of Photoshop CC2017 and more recent, and Illustrator CC2018 and up. In case you are not familiar with SVG fonts, here are the answers to a few common questions (please contact me if you need any further information on SVG fonts).

So how can I install SVG fonts? Just like any other font!

On Windows, extract the font from the zip file and click install. On Mac, just double click on the extracted font.

In case this doesn't work, you can also manually drag the font file to the appropriate system fonts folder. On a Mac, that’s usually /Library/Fonts. On a PC, it’s C:\Windows\Fonts.

How can I use SVG fonts? Just like any other font!

You can select the SVG in the font bar, just like other fonts.

How can I change the color of a black SVG font?

In Photoshop, you can change the color by going to selecting "Blending Options" on the font layer, and then going to "Color Overlay" and selecting the color of your choice.

You can also overlay it with a gradient, the effect can be really cool!

Please note, for Blackbird: In the original black color, Blackbird looks better against light backgrounds, and if you set the blending to "Multiply".

And finally, no SVG support? No problem!

I have also included a OTF and TTF version of the font, as well as transparent PNG files with the original letters, which you can use to compose your words/ sentences.

Hope this clears up some questions you might have about Blackbird and SVG fonts in general. And maybe it has sparked your curiosity about using these fonts, so my SVG fonts will be available at a very special price for the month of January. Take this opportunity to check them out!

Best wishes,