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New font! A Pompadour

Hi everyone! Another month, another font. For this font I drew inspiration from a vintage ad for an old Portuguese lingerie shop called "A Pompadour". The original poster, first published in 1942, was designed by Maria Keil (1914-2012), a Portuguese painter, illustrator, designer (etc, etc).

The "A Pompadour" font family includes the two styles found in the ad: the serif-y title font, with the connecting characters, and the modernist sans serif text font. The text font also includes a bold version with rounded edges, and small caps, which give you more versatility in terms of possible uses and combinations.

The strong retro vibe that (I hope) emanates from the font was the inspiration for the cover images, in which I used vintage fashion illustrations from the NYPL Digital Collections (which are amazing! Go check them out and see if you can resist staying there for hours browsing through their archives).

You can test out the font for free! And, of course, if you choose to purchase A Pompadour, don't hesitate to share your results. I would love to see them!

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