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New font! Night Wind Sent

Hi everyone!

My new font is finally ready and out there! (And at a discount until 3/12!) You can read all the details about it here & get a free sample here.

The idea for the font came after a friend gave me a fountain pen for my birthday (thanks, Anqi!). I had never used one before (up to that point it had been strictly BIC pens for me... BTW, have you ever wondered why they have that hole on the lid? Fascinating stuff, but off-topic? Sorry). Anyway, I immediately fell in love with the little inconsistencies it produces in the writing. You know, those little pools of ink and those (accidentally) thinner strokes. So, I just started writing pages and pages of words, sentences, song lyrics*. Practicing. I really wanted to turn these scribbles into a font that would reproduce a casual handwritten quality.

Eventually, I scanned all the pages and went through all the letters, selecting my favorites. For each character I chose two options (a default and a stylistic alternate). Whenever two of the same letter appear together, one is immediately replaced by a contextual alternate, so you don't end up with a too obvious repetition. I also created additional swash characters (you know how sometimes, when you're feeling inspired, you start your paragraphs or end you sentences with an exaggerated wave?) and small caps (you know how sometimes you're just in an all-caps mood?). With each font, I try to learn or apply something new, and for this font two extra versions were created: an underline and a strike-through. A dash of crossed out text and an underline can really add to the handwritten feel (I know I must not be the only one whose texts are a sea of crossed out words...).

The whole feel of the font was also inspired by some vintage postcards I found (and hold on to, and have around my desk). Like this one. Look at that beautiful handwriting! I can only wish...

If you download and/ or purchase Night Wind Sent, I hope you enjoy using it (and I would love it if you could share your results with me, I can't wait to see it in action)!

* This font is actually named after a Blondie song that I can't stop listening to

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