Promo alert! Strangeways

Hi everyone! I have just opened shop at The Hungry JPEG, and to introduce people to my fonts I have put one of my favorites, Strangeways, at a $1 (yes, one!) price for a limited time. It’s a great deal for a font with two weights and two sets of ornaments. Go get it! Thanks for reading, and, if you can, please share this offer around. It’s much appreciated! -Ana ♥ #fontdeal #font #handwrittenfont #designdeals #thehungryjpeg #design #typography #handwriting #displayfont

New font! Bloxhall

Hi everyone! Meet Bloxhall, a sans serif font family with playful art deco undertones. This font family includes 3 styles: regular, faded and outline, and was designed to be layered. The three styles can be superposed and the limit of the combinations is your imagination! Bloxhall was inspired by vintage art deco posters. I have tried to recreate a few of the effects present in these gorgeous 1920s/ 1930s posters (aren't the color schemes delicious?), to show off the fonts in action and give you some inspiration. You can grab this font family at Creative Market (affiliate link) or Revolge. And if you'd like a free sample of the regular font, just subscribe to my blog and you'll get it in the

Updating old fonts... Further

Hi everyone! Welcome to everyone who has recently subscribed. It has been really encouraging to see the subscribers list grow. Please don't hesitate to reach out and let me know what kind of content you'd like to see in the future! A few months ago, I posted about updating older fonts with extra characters, better kerning and new weights/ styles. Today I want to show you the swashes I added to my Night Still Comes. They are swirls that add a little drama to the capital letters, and you can see some examples of use below. You can purchase the full font here or here (affiliate link). At the same time, I have also released a smaller version of Night Still Comes (Lite?), with only the basic 224

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